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Injection Molding


Process Simulation

Feamold can optimize your plastics injection molding process using a combination of knowledge in tooling, process skills and the most current simulation software. Feamold offers leading technical support for part design and process issues with your results presented in very comprehensive reports and dynamic graphics.

From our exposure to most resins and design applications the solution reflects the reality of tooling, molding and polymer behaviour in the mold.

We offer specific assistance in the plastic injection molding process for filling, packing, cooling, gas assist and warpage.

Metal To Plastic Conversion

Do you want to open up a new market segment for your molding operation? Then you should consider converting an existing metal application to plastic. With our application of process knowledge and part design for moldability and strength, we can make your replacement part use a minimum of material to reduce cost. Lessen the chance for competition to tweak the design further and gain an advantage!

Structural Design (FEA)

Feamold offers FEA's that maximize part strength with a minimum of plastic material. Put the plastic where it is needed to support the loading, or...

Run a modal analysis to determine when the part will reach a critical frequency at normal service vibration.

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